Monday, June 8, 2009


its a weird time of year. basketball and hockey are ending. baseball is full swing, and while i am trying hard, its tough to keep up with all the games. summer is coming, i hope i have enough time to do some summer things. air travel is cheap right now so i plan on going to the so cal beaches often. work is rad. steve and i are streamlining the lines. just picked up the berrics. its gonna be rad. super stoked.

enjoying being out on the road. its exactly what i need right now. with japan about to happen, i ned to have time to get my head straight and honestly that time comes in the car listening to AM radio or one of many cd's.

about japan. please go here and check out the project. its pretty epic. just trying to finish funding. i cant believe i am producing a movie. so much work. cant wait for everyone to see it.

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