Sunday, January 10, 2010


catching up.

wanted to post some pictures of the past year. here is a start. japan.

Monday, June 8, 2009


its a weird time of year. basketball and hockey are ending. baseball is full swing, and while i am trying hard, its tough to keep up with all the games. summer is coming, i hope i have enough time to do some summer things. air travel is cheap right now so i plan on going to the so cal beaches often. work is rad. steve and i are streamlining the lines. just picked up the berrics. its gonna be rad. super stoked.

enjoying being out on the road. its exactly what i need right now. with japan about to happen, i ned to have time to get my head straight and honestly that time comes in the car listening to AM radio or one of many cd's.

about japan. please go here and check out the project. its pretty epic. just trying to finish funding. i cant believe i am producing a movie. so much work. cant wait for everyone to see it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


here are some pics from the last week. i did them in reverse of how they happened. here is "the boar" almost finished, just need some bordering.

then i had drinks with this asshole named michael, aka nigel. following by dinner with Courtney and some pretty Eskimo girl.

my mom acquired yet another cat. this one from the target parking lot. some asshole just left it in a box. we named him Kobe. which beat out my pick of Jin, Wang, Ling, and Li. I guess i will settle for premier japanese beef.

the owner of metro boardshop just got a triumph. its a 97 i think he said. a 900 if i remember correctly. fucking sweet. cant wait to get my own.

driving over the long bridge on the way to concord. home of the Duff man.

Golden Gate in the wee hours of the morning. after a night with cuddle bear filled with booze and food tha gave me heart attacks.

i shit you not. this is the patio at taco bell in pacifica. sweet huh. and the food is all priced like normal taco bell.

Monday, May 25, 2009



Keep in mind i took all these pictures while driving. and also keep in mind there is no law against that.

coming out of truckee headed to reno. I80.

my fortune from panda express "you will step on the soil of many countries" so awesome.

coming down the hill into south lake. from carson.

same as above.

went to hooters with john and pat to watch the lakers game. it was my first time.

john pat and i walking home.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

santa cruz

i was in santa cruz the past few days. aside from the clients i spoke with while i was there some other things went on.

- the weather was AMAZING.
- my view was the sand and water all day both days.
- never again will i let Stephanie pick what we drink. she is 2 for 2 on giving me a headache.
- my theory still stands that most random americans are cunts. random brits though, a fucking good time.
- i do not like eating salad for lunch.
- main coon cats bring people together.
- main coon cats hunt small children
- i still hate small little dogs, especially when broseph carries it aorund in a little purse thing. fuck that.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


take these for what they are, they come from me. that should tell you enough. here are some football predictions for the 09-00 season.

- the bills will lose in the AFC title game.

- Jay Cutler will be hurt 4 games into the season, he will come back this season but the injury will bother him all year.

- The 49rs WILL make the playoffs. Singletary, will have the best press conferences of the year.

- The Raiders will get the 1st draft pick next year because of their win loss record this year.

- The Seahawks (despite my hatred for John Reid*) will be the most improved team of the year.

- Sanchez is a bust in NY

- Kurt Warner will NOT live up to he hype. He only lives up when there is no hype.

- Both top eagles WR's will be injured.

- The Lions will miss the playoffs by about 2 games.

- BJ Raji wins rookie of the year.

- Brett Favre tries to come back after the start of the season.

- Roy Williams (wr) lives up to the trade. and some.

Monday, May 4, 2009

this is my friend. justin boyes. i just found this picture and thought of how much he would enjoy that i post it.


Today I wrote 2 checks. One for my International Drivers License and one for my Motorcycle training course. Stoked. I do not own a bike yet. but I hope to one day. Though it will have to be when Mom is past her normal capacity cause i am pretty sure she would cut my balls off if I purchased one. until then I will just have to dream.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

new york city

i recently went to NYC to visit john, noah and nic. we had a blast and i am so read for japan. here are some pics from the trip. some i didnt remember until i got home.

they live on the 12th floor of a dorm building in the lower east side. the building had not open to the school yet so it was brand new and we got to use all of it for our own musings.

had to go to times square. it was fucking lame and some guy tried to sell me comedy tickets by saying " hey mutha fucka, let me talk to you about this..." i met lara janine there and had some coffee. yes that is miss america on the right. she was making some speech about not polluting.

the above is the backside of miss america.

saw radio city. snuck inside cause all the back doors were open as they were getting ready for the NFL draft. tried to take some pics but wanted to remain incognito.

Conan? where are you? oh god....

walked like 45 blocks to eat at les halles, the place where bourdain is executive chef. it was epic.

i ate the rooster (cock to the average man) the frites, had some smoked salmon a couple beers. again epic.

trying to make sense of a bottle of tequilla.

a mellow chinatown.

a whole squid in a window in chinatown.

john and i stubled upon this park where all these chinamen were playing some sort of chess. it was pretty rad. i was the only white person in the park. thank the lord japaxican was with me.

the view during the day form the 12th floor.

eat me. crif dogs mutha fucka.

easy cheese in the face stole my bike.

Friday, May 1, 2009

last night in SF

last night was my first official last night and first night not in sf. i say this because i was in sf but stayed at paul and sarahs. i am so bad at this blog thing. i need to pick up the pace. more better updates.

Friday, April 17, 2009


gosh havent updated since February. been busy. luckily this month has mellowed out a bit. but still i have been attempting to move to that has kept me on my game. lets seeee to update. danny has been tattooing a wild boar on my arm. its pretty fucking wild. got tickets to go see wilco in june. stoked on that. headed to NYC on tuesday. hopefully there will be some good blggage material on that. 

got so drunk wed night that i woke up still drunk but laughing at the comedy that ensued the night before with none other then the DD.

here are some recent photos.

Monday, February 16, 2009


so i am changing up the theme of this blog. i travel. A LOT. Therefor i need to post thoughts accounts and images from these travels. None of the places are too exotic, in fact most all of them are in the northern half of the golden state, however, exotic places are to come, places like costa rica, cabo, etc etc. 

i was going to make this just a sports blog but instead thought my experiences needed to be documents. there will be plenty of football talked about when that season rolls around. or when the draft gets closer for that matter.

here are some pictures from the road to get things rolling.