Saturday, May 9, 2009


take these for what they are, they come from me. that should tell you enough. here are some football predictions for the 09-00 season.

- the bills will lose in the AFC title game.

- Jay Cutler will be hurt 4 games into the season, he will come back this season but the injury will bother him all year.

- The 49rs WILL make the playoffs. Singletary, will have the best press conferences of the year.

- The Raiders will get the 1st draft pick next year because of their win loss record this year.

- The Seahawks (despite my hatred for John Reid*) will be the most improved team of the year.

- Sanchez is a bust in NY

- Kurt Warner will NOT live up to he hype. He only lives up when there is no hype.

- Both top eagles WR's will be injured.

- The Lions will miss the playoffs by about 2 games.

- BJ Raji wins rookie of the year.

- Brett Favre tries to come back after the start of the season.

- Roy Williams (wr) lives up to the trade. and some.

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