Sunday, May 3, 2009

new york city

i recently went to NYC to visit john, noah and nic. we had a blast and i am so read for japan. here are some pics from the trip. some i didnt remember until i got home.

they live on the 12th floor of a dorm building in the lower east side. the building had not open to the school yet so it was brand new and we got to use all of it for our own musings.

had to go to times square. it was fucking lame and some guy tried to sell me comedy tickets by saying " hey mutha fucka, let me talk to you about this..." i met lara janine there and had some coffee. yes that is miss america on the right. she was making some speech about not polluting.

the above is the backside of miss america.

saw radio city. snuck inside cause all the back doors were open as they were getting ready for the NFL draft. tried to take some pics but wanted to remain incognito.

Conan? where are you? oh god....

walked like 45 blocks to eat at les halles, the place where bourdain is executive chef. it was epic.

i ate the rooster (cock to the average man) the frites, had some smoked salmon a couple beers. again epic.

trying to make sense of a bottle of tequilla.

a mellow chinatown.

a whole squid in a window in chinatown.

john and i stubled upon this park where all these chinamen were playing some sort of chess. it was pretty rad. i was the only white person in the park. thank the lord japaxican was with me.

the view during the day form the 12th floor.

eat me. crif dogs mutha fucka.

easy cheese in the face stole my bike.

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